GSM Communicator - For sms reports from your wired alarm

The PGM3 GSM communicator / dialer offers three inputs, three outputs, , and PC configuration software for easy programming via USB cable. A wide range of settings makes this GSM communicator a powerful alarm monitoring option.
PGM-3 communicator enables event reporting and control burglar alarms and other devices via the GSM mobile phone network from virtually unlimited distance.
A series of cell numbers can programmed to receive alerts from an intruder alarm as well as arm and disarming alerts.

It is recommended that a sim card on a contract be used but it can also be used with a pay-as-you-go sim card.
There is a 'Low Credit' checking option to remind you to top-up too.

This unit takes it's power from the burglar alarm and in all circumstances can alert you for activations and in a reasonably modern NZ alarm can report arming and disarming with extra programming.
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