Michael Burton

I’ve been installing security alarms for over 30 years.

Tech is always getting slicker.

If you want something to protect you and your stuff with minimal fuss, Call me.

Burglar Alarms

Installed to suit. Not overblown. Not underdone.


Professional grade. Simple to use. Up-to-date.

Other Gadgets

What do you need? Is it security related? Call me.

My Installations are designed for simplicity

Fitted with YOU in mind

Nothing too technical

There is no point in having a system that needs a technical degree to work it.

I only fit things that you, the customer, can operate well.

Alarm Monitoring is outsourced

Because they are the best in the country

I’ve seen the others, they are average at best

I have seen many monitoring services that fall short. My partner control room treats you as a human being that needs assistance. They care for you.