Pimp your Alarm with Remotes

alarm remote


Adding Remotes to your alarm is pretty straight forward and gives you simplicity of operation. Most alarm panels can accept many remotes, one for each family member. One advantage is that you can turn the alarm off before you drive into the garage.

The remote kits come with a reciever module which is installed inside the alarm panel and 2 x remotes.

Depending on you alarm panel, the cost is around $199 fitted for this kit.

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Add a Wireless Sensor to your Shed



Protection for detached outbuildings is not an issue. Provided the shed is within 30 metres the signal will be fine.

Battery powered wireless sensors give extra protection to your alarm system. The shed can be alarmed at night too if required.

Your existing alarm system may have the facility to add a receiver unit which will allow sheds to be added without expensive wiring and trenching.

Prices typically for a wireless sensor add-on can be around $399 depending on whichna alrm system you have.

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