Technical Support

"Quality comes from the Heart"

Finding and keeping reliable security technicians to support your school can be a real challenge.
Here are some essentials to look for with your security technician

  1. Employ the Same Technician on all visits 
  2. Insist he provides an As-Built document for the alarm system
  3. Keeps user and zone records up to date
  4. Ensure he believe that 'quality comes from the heart'
  5. Out of Hours working is no problem
  6. He works well with school staff
  7. Is willing to demostrate equipment for new staff

Accurate Documentation is Essential

Schools have hundreds of sensors and dozens of users.
Keeping an accurate record of what is placed where is essential.
Particularly when room numbers are changed or teachers re-assigned to different areas.

Service Visit

During the routine inspection of the alarm system, the As-Built document should be updated.

Zone descriptions and user names should be downloaded and printed out for the school staff to check. Many personell will have left and new ones join so it is important to ensure the alarm system has up to date programming

As Built Document

Food for Thought...

"Quality means doing it right when no one is looking." HENRY FORD

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