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Ministry Compliance Checks

The Ministry of Education has specific recommendations regarding security alarms and Burton Security is fully conversant with these and is keen to assist schools in the Bay of Plenty area to install, repair, maintain or provide any advice you need to ensure your school is not only secure but also compliant with relevant standards.

We provide the mandatory 6-monthly Smoke Alarm chechs with certificate of compliance.

Smoke Alarms - What you need to know

Many schools have smoke alarms attached to the burglar alarm and these need special consideration.
Here is a quick summary of the types of fire alarms in many schools;

  1. Type 2 - These are manual Fire Alarms comprising of just the 'break glass' buttons by exit doors - Maintained by a credited Fire Alarm Company
  2. Type 4 - These are automatic Fire Alarms with thier own heat and smoke sensors - Maintained by a credited Fire Alarm Company
  3. Smoke and heat sensors connected to the Burglar Alarm - Maintained by a Security Alarm company
The first two types above are no doubt checked as part of you building Warrant of Fitness check, but all too often, the third type are neither checked or maintained regularly or properly.
Security firms have traditionally had no legislation to ensure proper checks are done.

This is one area that needs addressing and Burton Security is keen to hear from any schools who are unsure of their responsibilities in this area.
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Some Typical Smoke Alarm Issues

"I am constantly finding evidence of neglect in local schools when I check their alarm systems." - Michael Burton

Out-of-Date and dangerous Smoke Detectors
Out-of-Date and dangerous Smoke Detectors
Many schools still have the original smoke alarms connected to their system which date back twenty years and they rarely get tested.
If you have sensors this old, can you be sure they will operate?
Ineffective Wiring
Ineffective Wiring
Wiring inside the control panels is the biggest headache for visiting service technicians.
They take one look and shudder.
Almost all smoke sensors are controlled by resettable relays inside the control enclosure and are typically of poor quality and poorly installed leading to failure.
This image is a very common find because technicians are always under pressure of time and just perform the bare minimum to get through their heavy day.
No Link from Main Fire Panel
No Link from Main Fire Panel
To monitor the Main Fire Alarm there should be a link between this panel and the Burglar Alarm Panel.
This is because the burglar alarm provides the telco dialler part of the system.
Two signals from the fire panel should be monitored
  1. Defect - This is to alert you to faulty sensors etc.
  2. Fire - This is for a genuine fire alarm from the type 2 or 4 fire panel
Many systems do not even have this required link and this should be attended to as a priority.
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