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When there’s nobody physically on site, a monitored alarm is your first line of defense.

MONITORING2Burton Security is partnered with NZ's Largest and best privately operated monitoring station.

Alarm Watch monitored alarm systems are connected to a secure base, which is staffed by professional security experts around the clock.

But it’s not just burglars we monitor; we can send emergency support for fire, medical and personal duress situations too.

Monitored alarms are a great deterrent – burglars know they have little time to carry out their plans, so they often skip places where there is greater risk to them.

As well as contacting us when there’s an activation, your alarm will talk to our system daily and let us know if there are any technical issues or low battery warnings, so we can stop small issues snowballing into larger ones.

A big bonus is most insurance companies offer discounts for properties protected by monitored alarm systems. A monitored security alarm is all about added peace of mind with professionals protecting your property and providing fast backup when you need it most.

We never tie our customers down, which is why there are no long-term contracts. We know you’ll love our alarm monitoring service anyway.