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Monitoring Services

When there’s nobody physically on site, a monitored alarm is your first line of defense.

MONITORING2Burton Security is partnered with NZ's Largest and best privately operated monitoring station with alarm systems connected to a secure new Zealand control room which is staffed by professional security experts around the clock.

But it’s not just burglars we monitor; we can send emergency support for fire, medical and personal duress situations too. If you have a preferred response company, we call them on your behalf.

As well as contacting you when there is a genuine activation, we give you a free app that records times and dates of all staff activity using the alarm! iphone pocket secure

A big bonus is most insurance companies offer discounts for properties protected by monitored alarm systems. A monitored security alarm is all about added peace of mind with professionals protecting your property and providing fast backup when you need it most.

We never tie our customers down, which is why there are no long-term contracts, just a month-to-month service. We know you’ll love our alarm monitoring service so why would you  go elsewhere?.


Ditch the Landline and Save Money.

Are you keeping a landline solely for the alarm system? 
Then get rid and have a Permaconn installed. You will save money and have a more secure monitoring connection!

What is Permaconn?


As the name suggests, it is a gadget with a permanant connection and has a more secure, faster connection to the control room.

It is a small wireless communicator that fits inside the control panel and connects wirele to the monitoring control room. It is backed-up by the control panel's battery and needs no external telco line.


With landlines costing up to $50/month to maintain it makes sense to cancel the telco and get wirelessly connected!

Your external landline can be easily cut, but Permaconn is right inside the control panel and cannot be accessed without tripping the alarm first. This is why it is the most secure method of protecting your monitoring connection.

It also comes with a free app to allow you to see the activity on you alarm system. An historical record of who set and unset the system as well as alarm activations.

Permaconn - Permanently Connected   Current Price is $32 per month