Alarm Options

Hard Wired alarms offer the best value in homes with adequate loft space (to hide the wires) These can be self-monitored through an app or connected to our 24 hr monitoring station for a monthly charge

Hard Wired from $850

Wireless alarms are the practical solution when there is detached buildings, for two-storey homes or those with a flat roof. They can be monitored by a control room or directly to your phone with an additional module.

Wireless from $995

The Risco Agility 3 alarm has a CCTV camera built-in to take up to 7 images of intruders as they enter the room. These images get sent directly to your smartphone so you don't pay any ongoing charges.

CCTV Alarm $1,095

You can, of course, add on wireless sensors and remotes to a hard wired system. Perhaps you have a hard wired alarm but need a wireless sensor for the shed? No problem Click for more details

Wireless Accessories