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Wireless Alarm Details

Alarm Unit with Plug in Charger and Battery back-up
3 x Pet Friendly Sensors using 2 AA Batteries
2 x Remotes for arm/Disarm and Panic Alarm
1 x Magnetic Door Switch
Free Smartphone App "TuYa" available from app store or Play Store
1080P WiFi Camera with SD Card Slot for 24 hr recording and remote playback


  • WIFI+GSM alarm system, Support Tuya APP
  • 24wireless zones for 24 wireless sensors and 10 remote controls
    • Big SOS button
    • 6 groups of alarm phone NO. and 3 groups SMS Phone NO. Message pushing in time.
    • Factory reset easily on app. 
    • Add sensors&remote controls, set alarm phone NO. and SMS message NO. on "Tuya" APP, Operate easily!                               
  • linkage the smart switch, wifi camera and Other smart Home devices.
  • Input Voltage: DC9V~12V
  • Wireless Frequency: 433MHz
  • GSM frequesncy: 850/900/1800/1900MHz
    Backup Rechargeable Battery: lithium DC7.2V
     Alarm Loudness: 85db (Internal siren)
  • Lower battery remind function
  • Door sensor two-way communication(Optional)



Power Supply


Built-in Battery

Polymer Battery 7.4V

Standby Current


Alarm Current


Wireless frequency




GSM Operating Frequency


Casing Materials


Operating Conditions: Temperature:

-10℃~ +55℃

Relative Humidity

≤95%RH(No congelation)

Siren loudness

110db (External siren)

Buit-in siren loudness

85db (Internal siren)

Unit size



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