The Service you wish EVERYONE would give you

I’ve been installing security alarms for over 30 years.

I supply and install equipment that fit the job.
Fit for the environment.
Nothing too complicated.

Tech is always getting slicker.

Everything I supply puts you in control.
CCTV, Alarms, even you garage door can be operated from your phone.

I do software updates for FREE.

Apple does it free. – Android does it free. – So I do it free.

Because this small gesture cements our relationship and gives you confidence in my approach to standing by my products.

If you want protection for you and your stuff,
Call me. 022 382 9242

Burglar Alarms

Installed to suit. Not overblown. Not underdone.


Professional grade. Simple to use. Up-to-date.

Other Gadgets

What do you need? Is it security related? Call me.

Burton Security Ltd

Provide Old School values of service and reliability


Tell it like it is. Don't add hype. Keep it real.


No call centres, No Management tree. Just call me.


Security Licence No 18-054872


Everything breaks sometimes. Let's fix it. Move on.